Beauty Mermaid Skin Spa


LED  Treatment + Facial

This infrared light produced by LED lamps will stimulate fibroblast cell activity in the skin, increasing the production of collagen and elastin –the proteins responsible for your skin’s tone and elasticity.

RED LED LIGHT: Reduces large pores ,rejuvenates the skin, increases collagen production and firms the skin

BLUE LED LIGHT: Suppresses sebaceous glands, sterilizes acne bacteria to prevent infection

GREEN LED LIGHT: Reduces hyperpigmentation, reduces sensitivity of skin, provides soothing effects

Each session……$119

Special: $59

3 seesions membership……$149

 Acne Facial
An individually tailored facial for your troubled skin. Treatments include desincrustation appropriate extractions and high frequency.

Eash session……$119

Special: $59           
3 Sessions membership……$149

Classic European Facial

This classic facial is deep cleansing and exfoliating treatment with individually selected masques and extractions if needed. A relaxing massage of the face, neck, shoulders are included. This is great option if you are looking to relax and don’t need a lot of correction with your skin.

Each session ……$79 

Special: $39     

3 sessions membership……$100

Therapist applies a Serum to the face and then uses the Ultrasonic Facial Machine to penetrate the face very deeply, allowing it to reach deeper places normal serums generally do not. It is completely safe and highly effective.

Choices of serums: Whitening, Hyaluronic Acid,Q10 Collagen Peptide

Eash session……$119           
Special: $59            
3 Sessions membership……$149

Micro Dermabrasion+ Facial

This is gentle and effective resurfacing treatment for the skin. The diamond headed wand applies a gentle abrasive action to the epidermis of the skin. At the same time a vacuum gently massages the face. In conjunction cell function for a healthier and more youthful looking appearance.

Eash session……$119

 Special: $59              

3 sessions membership……$149

Ultrasonic Facial

Skin Care
At Beauty Mermaid, every facial treatment you choose will be completely customized to your specific needs and goals.